You may have been writing for many years and wondering whether what you’ve got on paper is any good. It’s possible that you may have taken some courses and learned about story structure. You might have gone as far as getting your family or friends to read your work and they may have responded with an unenthusiastic “that’s nice…”

I know many writers who’ve gone as far as joining writers’ groups and still made no progress in their careers.

All of this is because writers and all creative professionals require the guidance of someone who has experience giving feedback that will feed the creative flow and not block it as criticism tends to.

Starting to write is half the battle, and having a manuscript is a very good start. Without the support network of professional writers, those who have the tools to edit your work, you will find that you’re hitting dead ends. You may have already dealt with publishers’ rejections but without the crucial nurture and guidance of a professional, a writer can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel to drive their story where it needs to go.

At WritePublishGrow, we work with you to ensure you get the right tools in place to fill the plot holes, create genuine characters with just the right flaws, obey the traffic rules of writing, also known as grammar and punctuation, so as a writer your career is headed in the direction of seeing your name in print.

Our top three tips for writers looking to write good stories are:

  1. Make sure your characters are real and interesting. An interesting character is neither
    all good nor all bad. Make them real and your reader will relate to and connect to your
  2. Balance the story’s emotional highs with lows. Especially when writing a memoir,
    don’t be afraid to capture life’s difficult truths.
  3. Show, don’t tell. Readers and most people don’t like being told what’s happening. We
    like to figure it out for ourselves. When writers take the time to show, they build
    a relationship with the readers who will come along for the ride.

Are you ready to take a step towards becoming a published author? Start with our free resources and get in touch when or if you get stuck.