There are many research studies that reveal the health benefits of writing one’s life story. Over the years I worked with numerous people in helping them write their biographies. Many of the individuals who started to reflect and write about their lives experienced positive changes.

The three benefits I witnessed in the people I worked with had to do with improving motivation and overcoming depression, anxiety and loneliness.

Benefit #1 Keeps Your Mind Sharp

When individuals reflect on their lives and jog their memories, they begin to remember much more than they thought was possible.  Some people start to notice and record the small miracles in their day-to-day lives. All of this focus on the goodness of life improves the quality of the mind.

Benefit #2 Motivates You

When we are working on an exciting project, such as creating a biography for our loved ones, we are filled with purpose. This is the key to looking forward to each and every day.

Benefit #3 Connects You with Family and Community

Writing a biography isn’t a lonely process. When memory fails, we can pick up the phone and talk to our loved ones or go into the community and do research. There are so many people and libraries around us which hold the information we may have forgotten over the years. It was fulfilling for me to see that some of the people I worked with ended up organising reunions with family members they hadn’t seen or heard from in years.