A Childhood Dream

We all have a powerful dream, or something we daydream about as children that feels very real to us. For me, that thing was writing books. Other girls would dream up names for their future children, I’d come up with titles for my unwritten books.

I forgot about my dream of wanting to be an author and an artist until David Bowie passed away suddenly, two days after his birthday and release of his latest studio album “Blackstar”. In the video for “Lazarus” from that album, Bowie plays a character feverishly writing on a paper stretching out before him. At that time, early 2016, I was toying with the idea of writing, that is doing it when the fancy struck, like a child would. I knew that if I could wake up early enough each morning to get some words out, it would be so very good for feeling fulfilled in my life. I would grow up into an adult who was at the helm of her destiny.

Showing Myself (With a little help from my friends)

When I started to show up for myself, waking up early every morning to write, the others started to show up in my life. There was Tanya, my writing buddy, with whom and two others we write together on Zoom, 6AM in the morning Monday thru Friday.

Then I started to meet the other creatives who’d built their lives on expressing themselves, their dreams and bringing about a better world by getting us to stop and think. I wanted to join them on this mission to get people to stop, interrupt their regularly scheduled programming and start doing better, and doing less, to live a more present life. I couldn’t force this upon anyone. I had to lead this movement.

My friends helped me get my book “Live the Gift” written, proofread, designed, printed and presented to an audience of my friends and family. Then Renee got me these gorgeous photos to document that it was real and it all happened! For that I’m so grateful. On my 43rd birthday, my childhood dream came true.

I am now an adult.

The Gift of Gardens

My project for 2023 is my backyard! I have so much to learn about myself, the world and life by focusing on my backyard garden and making it as beautiful, collaborative, eco-friendly as I can. I will need a little help from local gardeners for ideas and others who can come over and help me with the work. I am so excited about his new community project!

I was gifted a pomegranate tree and beautiful hydrangeas to get me started. I also have other delightful flowering plants coming my way. Thank you Cheryl.

If you’re a Lane Cove gardener who’d like to have me over for a cuppa to show me your garden, I’d be delighted! Thank you my valuable community for being such a supporter of the work I do. Now that I know where I’m going, life is so much more colourful, musical and delightful than what I could perceive as a blocked and frustrated creative.

Over to you…

What would you do if you knew it didn’t need to be perfect? Would you paint your masterpiece, compose a song, write a play, dance like there’s no tomorrow, sing your heart out? What lights you on fire?