Tania is a local author here in Lane Cove who recently published her first book “Keys to My Heart” a romance set in NYC about a pianist and a woman from the fast paced corporate world who find they make beautiful music together.

Here’s Tania and her creative process in her own words.

1. Who are the authors who influenced you?

Growing up I liked just a variety of genres, there wasn’t a specific author however, there are three that inspired me in the past few years. Emma Hart, Willow Winters and Amo Jones. They are authors of sassy female characters and brooding male characters which I love. Willow Winters is even a mentor of mine for a year now so that’s a wonderful feeling knowing I have support from one of my favourite authors!

2. When did you start writing stories and did you ever consider becoming an author when you grew up?

I began writing when I was ten, entering short story competitions for kids in primary and high school. My stories were published three times and one poem published on their website. I always wanted to be an author but truly never expected it to happen. A young girl’s dream vs reality is a very surreal experience, especially when you actually have the hard copy in your hands.

3. Your first novel “Keys to my Heart” is set in NYC. What is it about NYC that made it the setting you wanted to write about?

I have always loved the New York City setting in films and novels. In fact, it was also the first place I have ever travelled to. The first destination on my bucket list! So I decided that I would put that love into my first novel.

4. I hear you’re currently working on your second book. What is that one about and when can we expect its release?

Yes, I am currently at the end of the editing process and hope to have it fully completed by the end of the year/early January. It’s a Paranormal Romance set in California, a whirlwind romance full of suspense, sass and steamy romance. I plan it to be a duology. The title will be a sneak peek once I get the publishing process started.

5. Do you have a writing process? Do you plot the structure or just go with whatever comes? What do you read or any music, paintings, artwork or foods that inspire you?

I have a few parts in my writing process. I can’t write a story without a plot and structure. It needs to be at least a page of a plot, even dot points. It needs to be typed or written and I don’t begin until I know for sure it makes sense and the story will work as a novel.

I don’t set myself a specific timeframe to write, but I prefer writing in the evening after kids are in bed. Part of my process is to make sure I only write when I have inspiration. I try to avoid forcing it out because it doesn’t feel right and may not be as best as it could be if I were inspired and a light bulb moment comes up. That being said, I do my best to ensure I write at least a little each day. It varies from time to time.

Enya, Alicia Keys and Ed Sheeran are my go to singers when I type, inspiring my scenes. Enya for suspense, Alicia Keys for romance and Ed Sheeran for action.

Thank you Tania, I can’t wait to see your next book!