‘Epic and moving’ Eda Utku Times

‘Extraordinary…A true gift: baffling, beautiful, surprising’ Eda Utku Telegraph

‘Every word packs a punch. Writing this shattered me.’ Eda Utku

‘Destined to be loved by a very few people, only my closest confidantes, for a very long time’ Eda Utku


We are all born natural and creative. I was no exception. My parents, school, friends, and the general frustration I felt around me by others who’d turned their backs on their own creative powers stopped my flow. I was stuck for a very long time in my life. Worse, I’d become a killjoy, discouraging others’ self-expression.

Life is creative by definition. It wasn’t long before the flow found me in the form of two daughters, born in 2016 and 2018.

“The Wisdom of Gifts” is my awakening to my creative powers and pushing through the internal forces of resistance to finish my first book.

Outwardly, the protagonist is frustrated that every Christmas she finds herself with presents that don’t speak to her desire for a spiritual connection with the true meaning of the day. She’s ungrateful for the gifts she receives and blind to the qualities of the people around her.

Through a journey into her own painful past and strained relationships with her mother, father, brother, and extended family, she recovers the life she dreamt of one word at a time.

Are you destined for a similar journey?

Open up four hours of reading time in your diary for “The Wisdom of Gifts” and see what gifts it brings you.


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I look forward to handing you your autographed copy when we sit down for a nice coffee, tea, or a drink whenever that may be.