Photographs are a great way to illustrate your life’s journey. If you’re like me, you may have thousands of photographs collecting dust stashed away in boxes somewhere. Those photos want to be held and looked at. I hope today I can inspire you to find your old photographs and start looking through them to get you started on creating your biography with some special photos in it.

I’m someone who regularly culls photos. I find that I have too many in the digital form and that I should only hold onto the ones that reflect my values. With the right photos by my side, I’m inspired to keep pursuing those things I find worthwhile without getting lost in other people’s ambitions for my life.

When it comes to old print photos, I feel those need to be restored because they’re my connection with my family. I started a practice of going through my family photographs on my birthdays. I come across many photographs where I’m not sure who’s in them and what’s happening. Those photos start a conversation with my family members. We sit down and remember the times we shared together.

When it comes to picking the right photos for your biography, the thing to remember is to think like a director. Your biography is like a movie in that it tells the story of your growth and development through time.

Tip #1 You are the Star

Select the photos of your milestones to include in your biography. This is your biography you’re writing and you are the star. Even if you’re a baby in your mum and dad’s arms, pick the photo where you are showing your personality traits like curiosity, being happy-go-lucky, quizzical and more.

Tip #2 A Pivotal Moment

Milestones like graduation, weddings or first travels to exotic lands make for great photographs. Be sure to select all of these photos where you feel like you’re on top of the mountain after a challenging climb and are beaming with pride.

Tip #3 Lights You Up

There are those photos with our favourite people or pets or when we are doing something we truly love. Photos of myself sitting in a garden and drinking tea light me up. Whatever it is that brings you the most joy, find photos and make sure to include them in your biography.

Stuck looking for photos? Drop me a line