“Our death is our wedding with eternity. What is the secret? God is One.”

~ Rumi

I love funerals. You can’t spell “funeral” without “fun”. Funerals are those safe spaces where we are allowed to show “negative” emotions.

Weddings? I’m not so sure about those. They can feel awkward and divisive. Sometimes the bride’s and the groom’s sides are on opposite sides of the aisle. It feels more like a sporting match than a declaration of love when there’s that sense of “his/her/their team” and “her/his/their team”.

Getting married in the eyes of the law is not something that excites me personally. I’m pleased to attend and support others (with dancing!) who are celebrating their weddings.

Today, August 17th (on the day that Venus transitions from “Evening Star” to “Morning Star”) I decided to be in union with myself and move forward on this Earth with greater balance and integrity.

My Wedding Vows to Myself

This morning and every morning is a declaration to the universe that the sun will rise as will I until the day I die. Like the sun, I will bring light to the shadows. I will be curious about my uncertainties, anxieties and the choices I make as I go through my day.

I promise to take the time each day to feel the love within myself. I do accept the gifts bestowed upon me. Ultimately, the only gift we all have is our humanity.

Some days will be harder than others. Sometimes I will feel miserable. My body will ache. My spirits will be low. I will continue to love myself even when I’m suffering and crying on the inside or out.

I promise to show up for my creative self and put out my heart’s content; writing, painting, singing, dancing or dramatising. I will leave no emotion unexpressed.

In the evenings, I will let the phases of the moon remind me that I’m not the same woman I was yesterday and I too have cycles within me. I will love whatever shape I find myself in.

I promise to pay attention to my dreams and be in tune with them. I will listen to my intuition and my body’s needs. I will drink calming teas, and reduce my caffeine, sugar and carbs.

I will stargaze. The stars will remind me that I’m one of them. I will not lose power or sleep over the thought of “what will others think?”.

I will need the support and gifts of my community of friends and family as I go through all that life has to offer. I will share my joy, laughter and good fortune with those around me. I will share the tears and sorrow too.

Together we will create.

Over to you…

Have you written your wedding vows? Do they come from your heart? Does your voice carry those words with confidence? Are you ready to share them with your community of friends and family?