Laura is one of those people who give you a boost of energy every time you spot her or have a few words with her. I first met her in a magical fairy costume. Among her many roles, including being a pageant queen, she can squeeze in the time to entertain children and my kids absolutely adore her as much as I do.

Here’s Laura in her own words:

Q: Where were you born and raised?

I was born in the picturesque Northern Beaches in a place called Mona Vale. At the age of three, we relocated to the north shore; however, my heart always yearned to be by the beach. The energy of the ocean has perpetually resided within me, and whenever I am in proximity to a body of water, it instantaneously lifts my spirits. This connection with the beach is the reason why I have chosen to reside once again on the Northern Beaches.

Q: What are some of the best places you’ve lived in?

My time in Vancouver, Canada, was truly cherished as I embraced a remarkably healthy lifestyle. Nestled at the base of a mountain, I would engage in winter snowboarding and summertime hikes. With my high level of activity, I felt invigorated, and I observed that others living in similar environments experienced the same vitality.

Q: What’s your favourite film, book or podcast? 

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is my go-to Christmas movie. Each time I watch it, my spirits are lifted. A recurring theme in my life is my affinity for anything that brings joy and happiness while reminding us that life’s challenges can be overcome by embracing love, joy, and happiness. This film has revealed to me the true significance of family, love, and happiness in life.

Q: Who are some of the people you look up to? 

One individual I hold in high esteem is Lewis Howes. His journey from college sports to writing a groundbreaking book on leveraging LinkedIn during its nascent stages, and eventually attaining a prestigious podcast where he converses with professionals worldwide, even earning a spot on the Ellen show, has underscored the fact that our potential is boundless in this life. His life’s narrative has ignited my aspiration to tap into my innate greatness and inspire the same in others. I now aspire to cultivate greatness within others on a daily basis, as I firmly believe that anyone can realize their dreams—whatever they may be. It all commences with a thought, an ember of excitement, and a well-structured plan.

In my journey, I have always looked to those who have traversed the path ahead of me, learning and evolving, which has culminated in the manifestation of my dream life. I’m convinced that anyone can shape the life of their dreams; the key lies in unwavering belief.

Q: What do you find yourself enjoying these days?

My affection for fashion has grown exponentially. I once deemed it superficial, but I came to realize that a strategic approach to one’s wardrobe can significantly bolster confidence. I revel in expressing my creativity through clothing, using it as a canvas to showcase my personality. Moreover, I am passionate about conveying how attire can elevate the soul. Among my most cherished accessories are jewellery, hats, and handbags.


Thank you Laura!

You can visit Laura on her website and don’t forget to check out her book “Heart Queen” (I’m loving it). It has powerful stories from her heart that’ll go straight to your heart to encourage you to go out there and realise your dreams.