Kirana’s spectacular artwork came to my attention towards the end of last year, just before the madness of the “silly season”. Until then, I’d never met anyone else who sees life in colours. I felt quite alone in that. What I notice about the people I see are often the colours they’ve chosen to wear and surround themselves in.

Meeting Kirana, and hearing her talk about her artwork, inspirations and creative process was a defining experience. Being in that space I felt alive and vibrant. There in that oasis of colour, I drank up all the inspiration and energy to tackle the demands I felt around the holiday season.

Here’s Kirana in her words.


Q: Where were you born and how has your hometown shaped you?

I was born in Engelbostel, a small village north of Hannover, Germany.

The village was only 1000 people there was much freedom to roam and play and explore, it has shaped my love for wide open spaces, vast skies, beauty and nature.

Q: What are some of the best places you lived and why?

Gomera, Canary Island… Living right near the ocean immersed in nature void of the usual noise and traffic of most cities.

Broome, WA…There was so much space to dwell, my family and I soaked up the land and endless beaches always exploring and creating memories.

Inner West Sydney… For the first time in my life, I finally feel settled and at home in a deeper sense. I feel very connected to the people I have met here, and I am thriving as an artist. In my eyes, Sydney is the most beautiful city I have ever experienced.

Q: Which films, music, books, or people have influenced you?

“Never Look Away” comes to mind. It’s a film about artist Gerhard Richter, a famous German artist. The film focuses on his turbulent childhood and his experiences during the Third Reich and how he overcame it all.

I cannot choose just one book. Reading is a great source of inspiration for me. When I read, images appear to me and I often have to stop to paint the pictures I see.

Some authors I admire are Herrmann Hesse, Isabel Allende and Henning Mankell.

Q: Who are some of the professionals you look up to in your field?

Gerhard Richter, for devoting his whole life to creating art. He was not swayed by income, fame or anything else. He stayed true to his art and his vision.

Q: What’s been your best recent discovery? Food, activity, clothing, brand, life hack, etc…

Learning to be kind and gentle to myself.

You can learn more about Kirana, her artwork and workshops on her website,