One of the things I love seeing on my Instagram feed are stories of intergenerational bonding. Andrew at is in the business of bringing families together to share their stories and create books. I find this work so inspiring. As I see it, it is now a time for families to come together and bond and the world needs facilitators for this.

Here’s a bit about Andrew.  Enjoy!

Q: Where were you born and how has your hometown shaped you?

I was born in Calgary! Calgary’s a great city with a lot of confidence and hard-working attitude. Calgarians are helpful and have some of that prairie selflessness you hear about. Surrounded by my maternal family, it definitely set the stage for working on a business like No Story Lost!

Q: What are some of the best places you lived and why?

I’ve lived in Victoria and Vancouver as well. Plus, 4 months in Jönköping, Sweden for a University exchange!

Victoria is great for peace, quiet, beauty, a slow pace, easy to get around town. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Ocean, little lakes, and stunning nature.

Vancouver’s the big, busy neighbor! It’s got amazing beaches, mountains, restaurant culture, and access to even more day-trips and adventures. It’s still laid back on a global scale, but bigger and faster-paced than Victoria.

Q: Which films, music, books or people have influenced you?

Podcasts like Tim Ferriss’s show, “My First Million”, and “All-In” are great for learning, motivation, and news. Books like “The Hard Thing About Hard Things”, “Anything You Want”, “The Alchemist”, and “Shoe Dog” have shaped how I tackle business and chase adventure. They’re great guidebooks for work and life.

Q: What’s been your best recent discovery? Food, activity, clothing, brand, life hack, etc…

Clothing: Duer pants. I’ll never wear normal denim again.

Activity: I’m on the pickleball wave, like everyone else! Other new-ish ones – slalom water-skiing, and diving deeper into golf with my wife, who’s learning!

Q: Why are you working on your current business?

Jeremy (my cousin and business partner) agreed a decade ago that we’d run businesses together that would be good for the world.

We ran a non-profit called Mealshare for about 9 years – we had a blast, we learned a ton, and we provided millions of meals to kids in need.

During that time, we sat down with our Grandpa and recorded his life stories. We realized we’d stumbled upon something amazing – but that hadn’t really been productized for normal families – most memoir services cost $5k to $15k!! So we refined our process, figured out how to make it available to everyone, and created No Story Lost.