Amanda is one of my mentors. She’s taught me so much about the craft of screenwriting. She’s been generous, patient and creative in helping me understand how one takes emotional tension and writes it into scenes that push a plot forward. She also helps small businesses put out compelling content to grow their audience and their sales.

Here’s Amanda in her own words.

Q: Where were you born and how has that place shaped your life experience? 

I was born in Parramatta, and despite moving around a bit, I’ve now returned to living in the Parramatta LGA. I think my hometown has kept me grounded and connected to what really matters – family, heritage and a strong link to the community. The Parramatta area is a mix of suburban living and business hustle. It’s a place that connects many different lifestyles and backgrounds, yet seems to accommodate everyone. It’s the birthplace of this nation, and I believe it plays an important role in Australia’s future.

Q: What are some of the best places you’ve lived?

I lived for a number of years in Ryde, which I enjoyed. It’s close to the city yet not too far from my family. It has a great mix of services and still has a families oriented vibe, so I never felt like I was in a city, despite living in an apartment. It suited me for a while – ten years, in fact. Good neighbours, close to the river and central to nearly everything. But when Mum passed away last year, I entered a new chapter of my life and returned to where I grew up.

Q: Which books or films have influenced you?

It’s hard to say about what books or films influenced me, more the topics – I loved reading horse books and watching horse movies, or animal stories. My favourite books were the Silver Brumby series by Elyne Mitchell. Australian classics! I also loved the Chronicles of Narnia. I’ve been influenced by my parents – thankful for all they taught me – and my family, as well as the pastors of the church I attend. They’ve been great examples of real, genuine people who have been strong support and always encouraged me to be the best version of who I was made to be. Still learning that one. But we never stop learning.

Q: What’s been the best recent discovery you made which has improved your life?

My best discovery is finding those who teach us how to live life naturally and move away from pharmaceuticals. Food is our medicine and as someone with a medical background, I’m enjoying learning how to apply that knowledge in a better way. Good health is priceless.


Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Amanda!