The edge of new beginnings can be a terrifyingly exciting place. A blank page is so clean and pure and what if I make a wrong move and destroy its goodness? The good news is, there’s no way to destroy art. Every time we forge a new path for ourselves, we are creating new connections, making new moves, keeping our brain active and we hope other people can see our vision. The truth is, they won’t if we don’t take the time to reach out.

Here’s what we, as innovators, can do to ensure we’re not stuck and that we are building something for the people.


We must be secure enough in ourselves to go out there and talk about what we are creating. It’s best to find those people who will benefit from our creation and find ways to keep in touch with them.


It’s good to keep people in the loop by inviting them to Zoom events, lunches and other activities where we can show them what we are building and ask for feedback along the way.


It’s great if we can offer helpful freebies along the way. I give away a book of memoir writing prompts to those who are wanting to connect with their parents and grandparents, for example.

Please email me if you would like your free booklet of prompts ūüôā

Over to you…

What is something new you’re bringing into your life this year? How are you planning your communications, invitations to events and serving those who will benefit the most?

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