Creating a community is invisible work. It starts with showing up. When we do as we say, show up on time, we earn trust from the others. When we are there, in a space where we’re welcomed, where the others trust and respect us, then we are in a great position to create a community.

And what is a community?

For me, it means a group of people who are emotionally present for each other. When we care for ourselves and are able to express our emotions freely, we free others to share what’s in their hearts and on their minds. Family’s first and foremost function is to be that safe space where everyone feels heard, understood and supported.

When we run our weekly family meetings with my partner and our daughters, we stick to a structure that works well. I go into every meeting and conversation with this structure in mind for positive outcomes for all involved.

Give Gratitude

Before coming to any conversation or meeting, take some time to fully appreciate yourself and the person and the people you will see. Your presence is a gift to them. Their presence is a gift to you. There’s a common desire in all people – to be helpful. See their gifts (and yours) and be deeply grateful for having them in your life.

Share Plans

Come prepared to share your plans for the week or the year ahead. When you share, others will be in a position to support you. Nothing is accomplished by ourselves alone. When we have others to support us, that carries our plans to fruition and how sweet that is!

Receive Blessings

Be prepared to receive blessings, compliments and material support for what it is that you’re looking to accomplish. Many of us are so closed off to receiving because we don’t see ourselves as worthy. You are worthy of all that’s being offered to you and your job is to say “yes” – overcoming your pride and ego in favour of gaining a new bond with those you love.

Over to you…

What gratitude and plans will you bring to your next family meeting? What would you like to receive?

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