Ask and thou shalt receive they say. That was not my experience as a child growing up in my family of origin. I was discouraged and berated for asking for anything. I was to be independent and find a way to pay my way through life and I feel that ripped me off. When you’re independent you operate in an isolated mindset. So I decided to make some amends as I recovered my creativity. A first-born who carried the world on her shoulders, got the good grades, looked after her brother, paid for her own college fees and never asked Mum and Dad for anything ever, I thought I’d been depriving them of the opportunity to play a supportive role in my life.

Mum was forever asking me why we weren’t like the mother-daughter besties she’d seen on TV.

In the last couple of years, I’d started living out my dream of being a writer and a publisher. I was writing, designing and printing my own books. Books are affordable to print but they are not free and since I never allowed my parents to support me growing up, I thought I’d be playful and ask for a symbolic amount from my mother. I would no longer shut her out of my life. It was time to let her into the magical queendom of isolation I’d been building.

Mother, Can You Spare $333 AUD?

And she said “no”. Not only did she say no but she was deeply ashamed of having a beggar for a daughter. What kind of a despicable person could dare weasel money out of her? I tried explaining that 333 is a number of beauty and I would pay her back with the sales from my book. “Who’s gonna buy your book?” was her answer and therein lies the solution. She is not my reader and let’s cut our mothers a break. They are just one person and if as a writer I counted on one person’s approval, I’m not going to get far. Our parents are under no obligation to understand our calling. If you have a set of parents who encourage your creative projects, send them some love. I am feeling a deep gratitude in my heart for a mother and father who provided us a home, food and clothes and were not addicted to anything other than always having to be right. Most importantly, Mum gave birth and introduced me to this life where mothers abound.

That very day, after the misunderstanding with Mum, I found Alana Fairchild’s book 333 Oracle of Heart Wisdom and it contained within it every encouragement for me to keep writing.

Mothers are like you, the reader who appreciates and values WritePublishGrow and creativity. You can be a male or a female or anything in between. As long as you hold your spirit sacred and look to grow with the giving of your gifts and money is a gift, you are a part of WritePublishGrow which exists to support, encourage and inspire writers like you. It is truly an investment in your own gifts for there’s no true separation, only the ego makes it so.

Your Gift

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Thank you my gifted friend.