Virgo as it appears in the Zodiac is virtuous, whole and abundant. She’s the virginal golden maiden. The archetype is linked to Demeter, the Ancient Greek goddess of grain and farming. The solid gold heart of these individuals will transform those who are lucky to have a Virgo or two in their lives. The first Virgo I was lucky to have known was my Aunty, my father’s sister. She had golden hair which I aspired to have one day as well. Her golden locks prevail. My blonde hair snapped and fell off and I decided to accept my dark roots as a Scorpio and am now heading towards grey hair which I adore.

The whole month of September belongs to my partner, who’s a Virgo. He’s the closest Virgo I have these days. Though I feel the presence of my Virgo friend Menekse, as far away as she may be. My solution is to plant some violets in my garden to honour her. “Menekse” is violet in Turkish.

Burcu, my cousin whose name means the “scent of rain” is another Virgo I’m blessed with. She’s always spoken the truth with me and in this crazy modern world us humans have created, there’s no commodity, not jewels, diamonds, or gold, or even saffron, more rare and precious than the truth.

As with my partner, over the years we had many struggles. His career took off. He was somehow able to attain whatever he wanted out of life. I was failing at everything I tried. It was so frustrating for a driven, ambitious and jealous Scorpio like me.

“Love itself describes its own perfection. Be speechless and listen.” ~ Rumi

When I stopped my insanity and listened to my own heart’s desire, I uncovered that I was a writer and had always been. Why was I trying to climb the corporate ladder or aspire to become a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)? I was as self-destructive as a Scorpio stinging herself.  I was in a vast desert of endless possibility, having left all I’d known in an admin job, but there was an oasis, a heaven on earth I could walk towards that looked like writing and publishing books for me.

“Achieve some perfection (excellence) yourself, so that you may not fall into sorrow by seeing the perfection in others.” ~ Rumi

As a child I’d often think up titles for my books when my peers were trying to picture their wedding or come up with names for their future children. I started to trust my creativity and began a practice of writing. I still get up early every morning, before the family wakes up, like I’m doing now, to get my dreams, thoughts and plans out here on my blog. My writing practice has become my field that I tend to as a farmer would and this is where I achieve my excellence. This is the field I stay in and the more I do my work as a writer, it becomes a shield from other people’s drama. Their pain no longer drags me down because I have a home here. I can return to this blog for self discovery. This is where I gather up strength to face the uncertainty of the day that’s unfolding before me.

“How will you know the difficulties of being human, if you are always flying off to blue perfection? Where will you plant your grief seeds? Workers need ground to scrape and hoe, not the sky of unspecified desire.”

I also used to deal with my negative emotions on here. However, I learned that anger, jealousy, irritation with other people has nothing to do with anyone but myself. I don’t drag anyone else’s name into these personal waves of emotion that I must learn to surf alone. Sometimes my vision is muddy and there’s no clear guidance on what to write. In those times I dive deep into my subconscious so that I can find the pearl of wisdom, bring it up to the surface and allow that to guide me.

Don’t run away from emotions. People and situations will bring up pain. There’s pain, disappointment, hurt, resentment and anger in every family that comes out in subtle ways, like sarcasm, cynicism, indifference and neglect. The issue is never with the other person. I have to look deep within to find the times when I’m not seeing the full picture. I don’t wish to limit anyone into a two-dimensional archetype as if they’re a sign of the Zodiac and nothing more. We are all everything. We are capable of so much more. Don’t get stuck in other people’s ideas of what’s possible for your life. Break out, like a seedling out of the ground. The ground of our rich subconscious holds us and yes, there’s so much pain, suffering and nourishment, warmth there. But here comes a time to leave it and bring out what we’re made of to the surface. That’s how we get to the light. So my writing emerges to meet your eyes.

My books are the fruits of my labour and we shall see what prosperity this work will bring. It has shown me so much of who I am and that in itself is valuable.

Over to you… 

Have you set aside 15 minutes to write or meditate today? Will you have a cup of green tea, coffee or a pomegranate tea perhaps as you sit alone with your thoughts and work on bringing some shape to them? Perhaps a poem will come? Are you ready to see?