My Work

I write stories to connect the disconnected. I bring team members together from all corners of the world. The meetings I set up are carefully crafted to build trust and collaboration between the attendees.

After many years of feeling like an alien in my own family, I decided in my maturity to connect with myself and others deeply and with full presence. The work I’m doing has re-established my family ties, brought excitement to our family meetings, and allowed people to express themselves in a safe space. I would like to now bring this presence, tools, and strategies to workplaces where people may be spread out all across the world, or come from different backgrounds, cultures, generations and silos finding it hard to function as a team. Let’s work together to build teams that are aligned with your business vision, delivering on the mission each and every moment.

My work starts by identifying the key times best suited for all your team members to attend alignment meetings. I feel it is key for people to come together in a safe space first.

My Values


My aim is to build teams in my personal and professional life around the concept of reciprocity. I observe nature and how living things are inherently giving. The bee serves flowers by picking up pollen on its furry body and spreading it as it picks up nectar to make honey for its hive. Like the bee, my intention each and every day is to give something to those I interact with.

Over to you…

Do you feel aligned with my values and would like to grow together?

Could you use the services of someone who can put in the time and effort to find those key times that would be best suited for meetings to bring together people across your organisation?