I recently had the pleasure of doing an author talk for my book “Live the Gift”. It was the best birthday present and I’d made it happen.

What a dream come true! The evening felt like a baptism, wedding and a funeral (to my amateur self) all rolled into one. There were my family, friends and my community before me as witnesses. I had done the remarkable work of remembering, falling in love, and uniting with my creativity. That union had given birth to Eda, the writer, and artist.

When we fully accept ourselves, beautiful things come into our view. Kirana Haag’s exhibit at Gallery Lane Cove “Moving from Dark to Light” had the most gorgeous and radiant shades despite what we may associate with family trauma. She made light of it and I found great comfort in knowing that this Christmas I bring my own light and will protect that from the demands of the season that we must buy presents, go to parties, drink, eat and be deliriously merry.

I will be sitting in my garden.

“My Strength”, the piece that illustrates this article is about gatherings and all the colours in the piece come from the people and their energy. Some are bright and there are dark spots too. In every gathering, I sense the unspoken darkness, that people are comparing themselves, feeling inferior or superior to others, and holding back from truly connecting because that would mean facing the not-so-nice emotions that come up like jealousy and rage. Instead of verbalising their emotions, most people express them as passive aggressiveness and avoidance. This is truly dark stuff and I know now that I can move to the light. I too can see the light and the bright colours in every gathering and make my choice. Kirana has opened my eyes to that.

Give yourself the gift of seeing Kirana’s exhibit before you head off to Christmas and holiday functions. It is truly eye-opening, healing and beautiful to know you have the power to protect your inner light and bright colours.

40 Days of Rumi

I approach the season with “40 Days of Rumi”, which kicks off on Wednesday. Every day starting on Wednesday until Christmas, you will receive a Rumi quote and a writing prompt. You receive it when you sign up for the WritePublishGrow newsletter.

This is my third year and I love writing about Rumi’s broad view to gain perspective and lower the anxiety and stress that builds up from wanting to please people.

“Create Your Gifts” Picnic

Please join me on Saturday, Dec. 17th at 10 AM for a 90-minute picnic at Pottery Green to nibble, sip, chat and create gifts for our loved ones. I will be bringing leftover wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, bags and pretty boxes to share. I will also show some scrapbooks I put together and build on every year to remind myself and my family members how far we’ve come in a year and all that we achieved together.

I’m open to purchasing gifts like bath bombs, natural health treatments, healthy snacks, comic books, organic teas, plants (especially flowering ones), and candles if you’re a maker.

Sign up for the picnic here:


How to Write and Publish Your Book (In Conversation with Nick Wasiliev)

Hear from Nick Wasiliev, who took a gamble and self-published his book “When Men Cry”. It worked out for him. His book was picked up by a publisher and now he works at Booktopia, meeting and talking to authors as he works on his latest book due out early next year.

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Over to you…

How are you strengthening your spirit for the silly season to bring some light and presence into it?