How many of you felt the spirit of King Arthur this Christmas?

What do I mean by the spirit of King Arthur?

He represents a leader so wise that he sits on a roundtable with all of his knights and lifts up those around him, like his humble jester, Dagonet, to where they belong without caring about where they came from. Lo and behold he even has a Middle Eastern knight, a Saracen around his table.

The way I see King Arthur, the embodiment of fairness, justice, strength, determination is as a man who rights wrongs. Wherever there’s a downtrodden, bullied person who’s lost confidence in himself, King Arthur is there to help him up and express his truths so that he can be supported by other human beings. We are all conditioned to help those in need but unfortunately, those in need can’t always call out for help.

“Might for right” he believes rather than “might is right”. If one has the power then one has the power to make a change. This past Christmas, my loved ones gathered around the Christmas table showed me that the spirit of King Arthur is alive and well and he will continue to become stronger within all of us in 2019 and beyond.

Receiving gifts which help women gain economic freedom in remote corners of the world, helping a shy relative contribute a telling of her Christmas traditions, experiencing that cheap wine can be just as pleasing to the palate as the expensive varieties, making a small speech to welcome all the wonderful people, friends, relatives, those coming from a few kilometers and those coming from far away places – all of these small touches were sprinkling of King Arthur’s goodness onto our Christmas table.

I’m so grateful for all that I have, the people and the spirit of King Arthur in all of us makes food and drink sweeter.

Let’s all get ready for the best year ever. 2019, I’m ready for you.

Over to you…

Did you feel King Arthur’s presence at your Christmas table? What are some things you can do for next year to feel him or strengthen his spirit?